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Full Version: Artist info scraper problem in Dharma Beta 2?
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Long-time XBMC-for-Xbox user, first-time XBMC-for-OSX user Big Grin

For some reason, though, I can't get the AllMusic or Last.FM scrapers to pull down artist art/info (and possibly not album info, either, haven't even checked that yet, as I've got most of my album art embedded already), as I used to do with the old Xbox.

Is there something I'm missing? Is there a scraper bug in Dharma Beta 2, possibly?
I have exactly the same problem! Also using XBMC OSX last build/release.

I've been racking my brain since the weekend trying to fix it, also tried a different release version and updating all scrapers, but nothing helps.

I do get albums to scrape, but no artist info. I started doing some manually, which takes forever, and the last time I re-scraped all some of those showed up again, but I think because they were cached from when I did it manually. I posted asking for help in a couple of other places, but haven't received any replies yet.

Anyone have any suggestions on this? It happens regardless of which scraper I use (allmusic, last.fm, etc.).
Update: AllMusic scraper update today that did not appear to fix the problem.
allmusic is not working for me either anymore.

via xbmc it says my allmusic plugin is version 1.0.10.

C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\addons\metadata.albums.allmusic.com\addon.xml
I noticed that the version shows:
metadata.albums.allmusic.com -- v1.0.8
and requires:
<import addon="metadata.common.htbackdrops.com" version="1.0"/>

but for, C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\addons\metadata.common.htbackdrops.com\addon.xml
it shows version:
metadata.artists.allmusic.com -- v1.0.7
and requires:
<import addon="metadata.common.htbackdrops.com" version="1.0.5"/>

seems like there are some miss-match.. prehaps the next upgrade will fix it
AllMusic scraper is not working for me either. Last.FM works but only gets basic info and the art, AllMusic just refuses to accept any of my album titles.

EDIT, Did not see that this was a mac specific forum. I am using live, however seems to be the same problem
same problem here. In the folder Addon_Data I don't see the Last.fm data.
When I select Last.fm to scrape, I'll get info from Allmusic. Info is a big word, it's just the album art and a idnumber from allmusic.
I was reading another post on the same topic, and in there Spiff one of the developers said the back end of the site has changed and it's on the todo list.

Thanks for the update, Marvel.