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Full Version: TV Shows - Can't add logos
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I'm new to XBMC for PCs (Just made the switch from Xbox) and so far I think it's great and Night is definitely my favorite skin. The only problem is that I'm having trouble setting up my TV Shows for Landscape view. For some reason, I can't retrieve any logos or any 16:9 posters (I can only get those bars and posters). I thought that maybe the logo script was outdated and if I tried manually installing the skin it would be a more current version, but for some reason whenever I tried installing the skin manually, XBMC wouldn't detect it. Can anyone help me get my TV Show library look like it's supposed to in landscape mode? BTW, I am using the latest XBMC nightly build.
I'd recommend using the Repo cuz as of this post the XBMC repo is current with git. When you install a skin via the Repo or .zip install XBMC installs all the requirements:

1. Logo script
2. Random Script
3. Favourite Script

When you install a skin manually it doesn't automatically install the scripts.

I personally do the "Landscape" thumbs manually. You can change the logo script - line 2585 in custom_SkinSetting_1111.xml -
That would get you TV show level thumbs but not season thumbs.

@ppic correct me if I'm wrong but there isn't a addon version of your old script so there is no easy way for someone to also get "Landscape" season images.
The site which hosts the logos is currently down, that's why you can't get logos.
When lockstockmods.net is back up logos should download properly again.

As for 16:9 posters they aren't generally offered through the main get thumbs interface and
you'll probably need to either download them from xbmcstuff or find them manually on thetvdb
where if they exist they'll be listed with the fanart.
Yea has to be a simple coding error as the site itself is running just cant get past the first logo page. Probably give it a day or two
I think Kode may have updated WP as the admin area is throwing errors as well. :p
lockstockmods.net is working for me. maybe it was just down for some hrs.
yep, me too, only the logos on the frontpage is working
I think you're both just seeing cached pages, if you do a hard refresh you'll see the same error.