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Full Version: Bug report: Problem with HTC Desire and XBMC Remote
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Hi guys wanted to post this here so hopefully the devs will read it and take a look into the issue! (Don't think we can report to trac for this can we?)

For reference, my Desire is the official HTC Froyo 2.2 release.

The glitch is that the XBMC remote app sometimes fails to detect you're no longer touching a OSD button. So you might press say....select, but the remote will basically keep sending the button press, until you 'rub'/reuse it which usually sorts the issue out. This can cause some pretty massive issues if it thinks you're pressing say the stop/pause/select button constantly!

Its the only app I've got that does it so I don't think its the screen on my phone, or I'd see the issue a lot more often!

Hopefully you guys can fix this, as aside from this and need of customisable buttons, the app is great, really great,and I love the fact I've been able to set it to turn my HTPC on!
It is neither a problem with the phone, nor the app or xbmc. It is a network problem. The key up event send from the app to xbmc is lost on the way through the network.
Check the "Remote Keypress" section in the settings and try to enable the "Explicitly Send Repeats" option. It was designed to fix the key repeat issue on the original xbox, but it will work for your case too.
Strange, I've never had any other issues on my network regardless of protocol. Thanks for the (prompt) advise though, will give that a shot.
If this sorts the problem the app is almost perfect haha