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Full Version: Translation to German, SMS and Call Popup
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first of all I´m totally new here, so sorry if I post this wrong here.
I just want to ask if there is any solution to get this, the best remote I´ve ever used, working in another language like german?
Would be nice if I could help here and translate something.

The other question I got is if I checked the boxes for a notification on calls and sms, they disappear to fast and the incoming call popup will be instantly covered with the pause menu.[using the standard skin of xbmc]

so thanks and I hope someone agree
About the translation: We have to externalize all strings that are hardcoded in the remote app. I started doing it, but it isn't really fun...

About the popup: All the popups are handled through xbmc itself. We can't do anything about it. Maybe you should file a bug on trac regarding this issue.