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Full Version: [Request] Features
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I haven't read through all the posts in this forum but I'm a big fan of xbmc and since this monday I have a new phone with android.

I obviously needed to try out the xbmc-remote since my htpcs remote cracked down, and I am very pleased about the funktionality of the application but I do have both some questions and, a perhaps not known feature that may be new to some and not to some others.

My requests ar primarily regaring playback of music. I noticed that someone posted something about simple shuffle and repeat... and yes.. it is a good thing to have. I haven't found the feature yet in the droid-app but would really want some kind of explanation of where to find this settings, if it's available with the latest build of course.

Regarding to shuffle, I tried this ncurses mp3 player back in the day with a very cool shuffle feature, that isn't present on ie. windows media player or winamp or whatever.. not that I have seen anyway. And that is to use the player as an jukebox (CD-switcher).

With this I mean that the device randomly choose from, for instance a gengre, an album, Play the album in order (or if the option is wanted enough, play the album shuffled) to later on jump to next random album in the group.

Maybe this is only me wanting a silly feature, but if you see the worth of this then feel free to include it =)

Thanks for all the splendid work on xbmc and also for this remote device!
Shuffle and/or random play is a must for me too. At the moment it is the only feature missing that holds me back from using it.
Clean library option from menu
Agree, I would like to have a shuffle option as well.

Currently if you choose to play or queue all music from an artist, it will always play the albums and songs in the same order.
JordanMReese had already suggested in issue 91 (Android XBMC Remote issue tracker) that there should be a shuffle option in the current playlist.

I think this would solve all problems