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Full Version: Backgrounds for Custom Menu
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Been studiously reading all the guides, hints and posts that I can and so far, I've managed to successfully edit the Home Menu through the use of Smart Playlists so my media is split up into sub-categories - eg: Movies, Standup Comedy and Animated Features all appear on the Home Menu.

The only part I can't seem to work out is how to set a bunch of custom backgrounds for these new menu items. As they are all edits of the original Movies item, they currently read from that path. I have a separate Backgrounds folder for each one but am lost as to how to redirect say the Standup menu item to ..\Backgrounds\Standup instead of the default ..\Backgrounds\Movies I have previously set.

I've tried pouring through the XML files looking for a way to add a path for these new menus but no such luck. Any clues?

Thanks for this wonderful skin btw!