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Full Version: Screen Saver Slideshow
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I just upgraded to the new beta, and I had a question about the screen saver slideshow feature.

In the old 9.11 release, I could set a network address (specifically my NAS) as the folder to search for pictures for the screen saver slideshow. This feature is what really sold the wife on getting an XBMC in the first place! Now she could show off all the photos all the time.

In the Dharma release however, I can old specify a local folder for the screen saver slideshow. No option to select anything else.

Is this a bug? Was it removed on purpose or by accident? Is there a workaround to get this feature back? I only have a small drive that the XBMC runs from, and all my pictures, music, and video is on my NAS.
while the ui only exposes local folders, you can edit ~/.xbmc/addon_data/screensaver.xbmc.builtin.slideshow/resources/settings.xml

I went and found the file you mentioned, and edited to reflect my server name and the share location (in this case "\\Strongbow\Photos"). After a reboot and a test, it shows that location in the screen saver setup screen, but when the screen saver starts, it just dims the screen.

Is there any other options for this? I have considered trying to map the shared folder on the server to another folder in XBMC by editing the fstab file, but I can't seem to get that to work using the Ubuntu HowTo's. All of my server shares work fine for video, audio, and the photos everywhere else in XBMC Live, just not the screen saver section.

Thanks again for the help!
we don't speak windows-style urls. use smb://Strongbow/Photos
Thanks for the help so far Spiff. I tried your suggestion and a few variations. Sill just dims. If I copy photos over to the local drive, it works fine. Just won't play them from the share. Any chance of this getting changed back to how 9.11 worked? Or will I need to wait for an add-on?