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Full Version: [RELEASE] Trakt.tv (Plugin) TV and Movie Scrobbler Addon
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New thread located at http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=138745.

Below is just for historical reference. Any new information or questions should be directed over to the new thread.

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trakt helps keep a record of what TV shows and movies you are watching. Based on your favorites, trakt recommends additional shows and movies you'll enjoy!

trakt is a TV show and movie recommendation service. We're different than other sites since we automatically keep a record of what you are watching and don't rely on manual check ins. We are a social platform with a strong community emphasis. Just browse around the site and you'll see how the community drives the content. Everything from trending shows and movies to personal recommendations are directly influenced by the trakt community.

trakt is also a great way to keep a comprehensive history of all tv shows and movies you have watched. Use one of our supported media center plugins and start sending us this data automatically. Once it's setup, we'll keep tracking your history effortlessly in the background. Fill in shows and movies you've watched prior to trakt using the website or API.

Share your trakt profile with your friends and family so they know what you are watching and can easily check out your media library. Even easier, connect your facebook, twitter, and tumblr accounts to have trakt automatically share updates on your behalf. We also provide several widgets that you can use on your forum signature or on your blog. And if that still isn't enough, we provide a very robust API so go nuts and create your own mash ups!

In short, we're last.fm for tv and movies.

In addition to our plugin for dharma+, check out trakt utilities to add more integration for XBMC and trakt (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=767794). If you are waiting for a proper Eden release, there is also the php import script. Check out the instructions here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=7...post733974

Screenshots and features:
- automated scrobbling from supported media centers
- a sweet API for developers
- user compatibility
- socially based recommendations
- personalized tv calendar
- dynamic forum signature banner
PHP Code:

and looks like..

- show progress


- user charts

- personal "to watch" list (oh look how popular justin is..)

- movie/tv trending and stats pages

Enjoy guys!
I tried it and it's feels really polished.
The upcoming recommendations function is something I really look forward to though. Hard to keep up with all the new shows Big Grin

Good job!
Just tried it.
for some reason I had to change in setting.xml AutoStart to true manually to make it work.
fillidill: thanks, we've been working on it for the past couple months.

psike: did you manually start it the first time by going to home > programs and pressing enter on it? the first load of the plugin has been the most problematic. after that, it just kinda goes.

thanks for the feedback guys. we appreciate it.
I've tried starting it several times but nothing happened so i took a look at the xml files.
but since then everything works great.
I would like option in settings to disable all notifies or that notify on start "waiting to submit ..."
good idea about the notification. i'll get that in the next iteration.
1. Again same problem. I turn off the notify after video is submitted but nothing happens.
when opening setting.xml I can see "NotifyOnSubmit" is still true.

2. I've noticed that it take more time to close XBMC when shutting down with this script.

3. about the website, why it's not remember me? I need to log in every time.
rudf0rd Wrote:So this is a side project for me and a friend. It tracks your tv usage kinda like last.fm tracks music. We have a basic forum sig widget you can use like this:

PHP Code:

and looks like..


This will show what you're currently watching or what you last watched dynamically.

You can sign up for an account on http://trakt.tv

We're still in beta and are actively developing new features.

Next up is going to be:
- friends
- recommendations

Any suggestions and ideas to help develop this into something awesome for the community would be greatly appreciated. Like I said it is currently in beta and we'll be squashing bugs as they come up. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Pretty cool idea, and cool use of the addons framework Smile
johoja: thanks, i, admittedly, watch too much tv and have wanted something like this for a while. hopefully others will like it as much as i do.

psike: i noted all your issues. maybe someone can answer this here, but i don't believe the settings.xml actually holds the current values, but just the default values for when the plugin is installed. either way, i'll look into it.

the shut down issue is that xbmc is killing the python script.
my opinion is instead of a script that run in background, you should do a script that launch itself every XX minutes.

it's easier than keep a backgrounf task.
ppic, do you have an example of this i can learn from?
def _set_alarm( self ):
        # only run if user/skinner preference
        if self.ALARM == "0": return
        # set the alarms command
        command = "XBMC.RunScript(%s,silent=True&alarm=%d)" % ( os.path.join( os.getcwd(), __file__ ), self.ALARM, )
        xbmc.executebuiltin( "AlarmClock(NextAired,%s,%d,true)" % ( command, self.ALARM, ) )

in fact, you just tell xbmc run this script with this parameters in xx minutes.
Hey ppic, I am about to redo the plugin using the alarm clock function.

So the way I understand it, I'll need to pretty much just undo the loop and then at the end of the script, set another alarm to run.

My question is if there is any way to launch the first alarm clock call from the settings menu. Currently the user has to start the trakt plugin from the Program Add-ons section. It would be far more convenient to have it just run once enabled and off when disabled. Does that make sense?

Thanks for the alarm clock function. That was a huge help.
After some trial and error I got this working. Couple problems I ran into was that saving state was a pain (have to know if they've already submitted a 'watching' or 'watched' status) and loading the plugin caused systems with lower horsepower to stutter when the script kicked off.

Switching back to the background process method. Not the best, but it is working smoother.