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Full Version: High-Def-Soundtracks: Do you keep them as such...
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... or do you just extract the core for your mkv-files?

I used to extract only the core of the DTS-Master (Dolby True HD, etc.)-soundtracks of my BDs, since I know that XBMC can only output the core audio and doesn't make use of the additional High-Def data embedded in the 'big' files.

My question is, does it do any harm to keep the full soundtracks? Can this cause any trouble in XBMC? Maybe a future version of XBMC will be able to play the High-Def tracks in full quality?

I hope you can understand my question, my English is rather poor... Sorry for that.


I just played 10000bc with dolby true hd audio just fine, I keep the hd audio so when i rein-code the movie i will have less compression loss when converting to aac. By the way your english is great.
Umm...I get DTS and DD Passthru just fine.