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Full Version: Tv shows issues
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Hi guys,

I have issues with XBMC running on my machine.
The problem been TV shows are not showing up on XBMC unless in file mode.

Now a lot of my TV shows are rips from disc and as of such they look like this in a folder

Two and half men
- Season 1
-- Disc 1

Does XBMC support DVD rips in TV shows?

please help

anyone ... I am really starting to hate XBMC ..
What format is your rips in...ISO, .VOB files, or MKV/AVI/MP4

In short you need to change your directory naming structure, ideally you also need to rip individual episodes and name them correctly.
ok its .vob files

so how do i name them so it picks them up

for example

Two and a half men season 1 disc 1 has 4 episodes on it
How can i make it show in the TV libary?

They are telling you that you have to rip each dvd to single episodes. So for instance, your TAAHM S1D1 with 4 episodes would look as such:

Two and a half men - S01E01 - Name of episode 1.avi
Two and a half men - S01E02 - Name of Episode 2.avi
Two and a half men - S01E03 - Name of Eipsode 3.avi
Two and a half men - S01E04 - Name of Episode 4.avi

You don't have to use avi. You can use MKV or mp4 and probably a couple others. But you will need to rip to individual episodes and convert to something. Maybe you can keep the VOB files, but I don't think that you should demux them.

Hope this helps,