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Full Version: XBMC on Zotac MAG - Best Practice help
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Hi all

I have just purchased a Zotac MAG to replace my ageing XBOX's (yes the original XBOX is still running well).

I have read a few threads about using XBMCFreaks ION based live image, and a few other threads as well, but nothing really answers the question for me.

What is the best way to set a PC like this up as just a media center.

I dont want and PC functionality out of it, just need a replacement for my XBOX.

More specifically

Which is the best XBMC to use, the one available here or XBMCFreaks version or another one?

Which is the best remote to use for a Live version - will any windows Media center remote do or is there a specific remote that will work out of the box with a live install?

Is there anyting else I need to know about?

I know these questions are all covered in the threads, but there is so much information and nothing really indicates the best path to follow, only that it can be done or "I do it this way". I am looking for a best practice type of scenario - its gotta be robust and easy so the family will continue to use it.


Obviously we can only support the official builds here, but many people use third party builds with no problems. I'd use the official builds unless you have a good reason not to. At the moment the most recent official build is Dharma beta 2, which you can get from http://mirrors.xbmc.org/releases/

From your post I'd say XBMC Live is the obvious version for you to use. The performance of XBMC is the same on all platforms, but using Live will save you the hassle and cost of installing Windows. Having said that, I use Windows on my Revo since I occasionally want to use other Windows apps.

The best remote is the official Microsoft remote or full compatibles. This is particularly so with XBMC Live as MS remote support is built in and it can be (sometimes a lot) harder to get other remotes working. On Windows virtually any MCE remote will work out of the box and you can use Eventghost for the few that won't.

Excellent thanks

I ran the live isntall from freaks and the box was a dream to setup. Audio over HDMI was working once selected and I am very happy.

I now have to get the remote, and your feedback here has helped in that area too.