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Full Version: NAS scraping issue beta version 1
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Hi everyone having trawled for weeks trying to find an answer as to why my nas is not allowing xbmc to scrape the imdb info.

I have added my folders to videos on my nas and selected it all to just one folder, even gone to the lengths of renaming all files too. When I right click on the iomega nas and set content it pulls no info from imdb. I have tried most combinations ie use folder names etc etc.

I had it working on PM3 a while ago then it stopped again. It keeps trying then saying failed to connect to the remote server no matter which scraper I choose. I have also set default scraper to the same. When it does this my files are still playable and seen. It's the last piece of making this work for me and is driving me crazy.

Can anyone suggest anything that may help?

I'm using a iomega home media nas drive

I'd really appreciate any support here.


perhaps I should add when scanning the progress bar moves very slowly and eventually hangs having not scraped any info. When it was working it started fairly quickly from what I recall. It's been a pain since I got it but am determined to find the solution. I selected the iomega to see folders from videos then attempt a full scan. Nothing seems to work no matter which scraper I use. I can't understand where I am going wrong. Could it be the source? I get a choice of the iomega all files or folders and have tried both.