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Full Version: XBMC Live installed - what can I do now?
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Hi all

Just installed XBMC and have it running fine for all my local movies and TV shows (from my W2K3 server via SMB).

What can I do now with it?

Can I connect to any streaming/download services
e.g. is there a palce that has TV shows available for download (say via torrent) that I can browse onsreen select an episode and it will download.

What other nifty little things can I do with XBMC?


you can try the addon navi-x for streaming/downloading content

How do I add add-ons - is there a repository of add-on's that I can browse (like the apple app store or android marketplace) to find an add-on I am interested in and have it install itself?

Failing that, is there a site where add-ons a re all collated together, or do I just search the forums?

You can browse the official XBMC add-on from within the XBMC. Just go to settings -> addons.