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Full Version: XBMC Live asks for password on non-password-protected shares
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I realize I have posted about this probably 3 times but until now I didn't have a debug log. This time I made 10 new (empty folder) shares on my WinXP Pro box. This is Windows simple file sharing - i.e. I didn't have to give permission to any certain users. I just right click on the folder > Sharing and Security > "Share this folder on the network". Although I generally run into this when I have each individual share defined, I took the lazy way and added a source in videos which was my whole computer [ALEX] . Then I navigated to Alex in videos and just clicked on Share1, back, Share2, back, Share3, back (etc). On Share10, it asks me for a password for no reason.

Now, the problem I'm having right now is getting a debug log with this info. There's an xbmc.log in /home/xbmc/.xbmc/temp/, but it's not current and doesn't have the actions I went through. What do I need to do to get this into a log file? I tried enabling debug logging, but that doesn't seem to do anything different. I still end up with a 58k file that has just general info in it. Any way to kill this file and force a new one? I'm all ears.
UPDATE: Nevermind, got it now.

I figure I might need to enable samba debug logging, actually. anyone know what I need to add to advancedsettings.xml?
Sorry to "bump" this one, but does anyone know how to enable samba debug logging?

I'd also be interested to see if repeating my steps above easily reproduces the problem for anyone else. I only have one PC to test it with, but I would assume it's as easy as making 10 shares on a WinXP box, then accessing each of them sequentially on XBMC.