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Full Version: DVD Movie Playing
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I'm using r33778 at ubuntu.
Whenever I put a dvd, it appears a menu asking to choose video, music, etc option.
The several dvds I tried, all, video dvds, none automaticly autoplay it.

Any trick or solution, other than going video_ts searching for the vob??
Ohh, and play disk option don't work either.
I have the same problem, ever since I upgraded from Camelot to Dharma (Beta 2). If I insert a DVD, I can browse through the contents and start (parts of) the movie by selecting the proper files, but PLAY DISC (or Autoplay) don't do jack.

For good measure, I think automount of USB-drives is broken too. If I plug my usb-drive or thumbstick in, nothing happens (and there is no automount happening in the /media folder).