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Full Version: [Help!?]Enabling wireless PCie card via command line
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I am a virtual newbie to Linux, having only very recently started using Ubuntu on my laptop. Now, I have just built a new HTPC which I want to use with a live XBMC install. I also want to connect it via wireless to my network. As such, I have fitted a wireless PCIe card.

Now, to test my wireless card worked with Linux, I first installed Ubuntu (10.10) onto my HTPC and after configuring the 3rd party device drivers, the PCIe card connected perfectly with my network and all was well.

So, I have just done a fresh install of Live Dharma 3 Beta to a USB pen drive and booted my system. All is going swimmingly, and I can connect to the internet and to my main PC (which is wireless connected to the router) as I have attached the HTPC to the network via ethernet until i can get the wireless PCIe card working.

So after a hour or two of messing, I cant seem to find the command line functions required to get the wireless PCI card enabled.

Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, does anyone know how? I would really like this to work, but otherwise I will just have to go back to a Ubuntu install with XBMC installed.

Any help is appreciated!