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Full Version: [Live and Linux] Problems with video playback
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Hi all,

Since I updated to beta 3, I made several tests.
Today, in one of these tests, I notice a very poor playback from a particular MKV file: Avatar.2009.1080p.BluRay.DTSMA.x264-FLAWL3SS-HD.mkv. I always use this file for testing, because the bitrate is constantly high and, also, because it have a very beautiful image.
So, this is a reference file to me, since I use it to test the system and to convince friends to build a XBMC box too Big Grin

Anyway, today I notice in my ION330 box (Asrock 330-HT, running Ubuntu Karmic + beta 3) that this file isn't running smooth as before. It is "grasping" a lot!
To be sure that nothing is wrong with my particular configuration, I burn a XBMC Live beta 3 CD and boot from it to run this file. Same terrible playback using Live!
Then, my next test was use the Live in my desktop computer, which is much more powerful than the little ION (Q9650 + GeForce GTX 285). Again, the same terrible "grasping" playback.
Beside the lame quality, in all tests the CPU utilization is very low, with shows me that VDPAU is working.

Then I switch back to Beta 2, as a last test: the same file plays marvelous with beta 2! Not a single quality problem.

I tried many other files, like killa.sampla and Planet Earth from CULTHD (the scene @ 6:30min from ep. 7 have an incredibly high bitrate!), but Avatar.2009.1080p.BluRay.DTSMA.x264-FLAWL3SS-HD.mkv is the only one with I've found with this problem (so far).

Anyone have this file, and can confirm this issue?
Anyone has notice something similar?

Thanks in advance for any input!

EDIT: please, delete this topic. Found the same problem @ Windows and will start a new tread in the right forum. Sorry....