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Full Version: Low volume on Dharma Beta 3 Xbmc Live
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With Beta 2 everything was fine.
I reinstalled and now the volume is really too low.

I have a Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3LR which uses an ALC888.
In setting--System--Audio out I use analog Out. 2.1 (corresponding to my speakers) and Boost on.

Any idea?

i noticed it too... using asus motherboard...
Counting on both of you being able to get a console, pls paste the output of "cat /proc/cmdline, then run "setAlsaVolumes". Check volumes again.
a obvious one, but I've noticed the default xbmc volume is sometimes set low - have you tried hitting + on the keyboard or your remote?
Thanks for your reply.

I trien cat /proc/cmdline
this is the output:

BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-25-generic root=UUID=d887a754-a86c-403b-b3f4-1ab38e73c41a ro quiet splash xbmc=autostart,nodiskmount,setvolume loglevel=0 video=vesafb

with setAlsaVolumes
The output is 90%

but didn't really change much.. still hard to watch a movie.

Anastrophe, yep, sure volume is all the way up Smile
Did setAlsaVolumes 100% is a bit better.. still is not a good volume for movies.
thanks again
Offhand, is there an elegant way of forcing setAlsaVolumes NOT to run. It always turns on my IEC loopback, which effectively shuts down sound on my card. Right now, I simply comment that command out of the init scripts, but every time I upgrade, I have to go back in and remove it again. It would be nice if I could set some parameter that won't be overwritten on an upgrade and I could just forget about it.

No worries if it can't be done, I'll just have to keep removing it.

I just tested on amy asrock ION 330 over spdif.
The sound seem ok, what was strange that from scratch the nav sound was pretty loud but the movie volume was almost down 0. Worked fine to increase movie volume.
webmosher Wrote:Offhand, is there an elegant way of forcing setAlsaVolumes NOT to run.

remove the token "setvolume" for kernel parameters (hint: grub)
How do you do that? would help everybody?
I'm having this problem as well with beta 3.
I have that same question also. I'm all for learning on this subject and not scared to jump in. It's just that it's still very new to some of us out here on making changes in say the raw part of linux (dos command) Will someone direct us folks here to maybe a solution we can read about and learn what to do to make positive changes to our XBMC Live installs for this sound problem? Big Grin
Thank you...
PS. Sure do miss that gain volume we had on the original xbox.
Anyone know how to fix this? If not I'll probably go back to beta 2 for now.
Had audio issues w/ Betas 1/2 with Acer Revo 1600 and was going to give up til gen release but gave Beta 3 another shot. No problem install. Woot TeamXBMC.
However yes general volume is way way too low?! :S I also wish the default gain was middle of adjustment bar vs already maxed. I'd like the ability to decrease AND increase volume as needed not just decrease.

Don't have HDMI so currently using phono jack on Revo w/ DVI until eventual tv upgrade. But Camelot woulds just fine on Revo all things considered so hopefully Dharma will to.
put the volume to 100% in the bashrc script

vi ~/.bashrc

in the first line put

setAlsaVolumes 100

works for me.

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