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Full Version: Problem adding MP4s to Library
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Hi all,

Just stumbled onto a problem. Pretty much my entire video collection cosists of AVIs, and I have never seen this problem before until now.

I have three video files, all MP4. the files are named The Evil 1, The Evil 2, The Evil 3.

I added them to the library and got them scanned in. When I go through the list, I only find a title called "The Evi" and its is over 4 Gb large. I deleted them and rentered them one at a time. When adding the first one, it shows up as The Evil 1, but once I start adding the other two, it somehow shows in xbmc (9.11) as one file with a cropped name.

Any suggestions?
Ok, so I figured out the problem and fixed it. When I clicked on it, it said the files were stacked and I can select which "part" i wanted to watch. So, I unchecked the "stack" button to the side of the library, and ta-da, the files then split up and displayed the way they should. I guess this only works on MP4 files, as I have plenty of other files with the same name scheme that doesn't do that....