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Full Version: XBMC on Xbox: optimal HB settings to convert 720p x264 mkv?
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I've been searching everywhere and cannot find succinct instructions to set up HB 0.9.3 to convert 720p x264 mkv files to a state that is playable on XBMC running on an Xbox.

Can someone please break it down for me? I've read all the wikis and posts here and on xbmc.org, and nothing gives any real clarity with respect to using HB to do this.

I've tried numerous encode attempts and have yet to have a single file even play, although many other files and DVDs I've encoded using other software has worked fine (e.g., encoding SD DVDs to XviD using AutoGK).

Please help!
Support for the xbox was dropped some time ago, you can have a search in the xbox forum or your best option would be to post at xbmc4xbox.org - there is still a active community of users there.
Cranial is your man - HB expert, he's written a guide to do exactly what your asking... over on xbmc4xbox.org - very helpful bunch Big Grin