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Full Version: can't add episodes - no info found
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I have a TV show Nummer 6 (english Title The Prisoner)
I scraped the show with Ember media manager there is a info file for every episode in the folder, but when i try to add the episode to my libary all i get is "no info found" even the info- resrap as described in another post doesnt help.

Any idea whats wrong.

P.S. Used dharma v2 now V3 both same result

need a full debug log.
In This link is the complete logfile


Here is the part around the episode
14:29:51 T:1296 M:2175127552 DEBUG: SDLKeyboard: scancode: 80, sym: 274, unicode: 0, modifier: 0
14:29:51 T:1296 M:2175127552 DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: 61480 pressed, action is Down
14:29:53 T:1296 M:2192334848 DEBUG: SDLKeyboard: scancode: 23, sym: 105, unicode: 105, modifier: 0
14:29:53 T:1296 M:2192334848 DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: 61513 pressed, action is Info
14:29:53 T:1296 M:2192244736 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Found matching Full NFO file: H:\Fersehserien\Nummer 6\S1-01 Nummer 6 Die Ankunft.nfo
14:29:53 T:1296 M:2192244736 INFO: Loading skin file: DialogProgress.xml
14:29:53 T:1296 M:2192236544 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogProgress.xml) ------
14:29:53 T:1296 M:2194481152 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Could not enumerate file H:\Fersehserien\Nummer 6\S1-01 Nummer 6 Die Ankunft.avi
14:29:53 T:1296 M:2194481152 INFO: Loading skin file: DialogOK.xml
Thx for Help
your filenames are incompatible with xbmc.
I thought as the mediamanager recognize the XBMC should 2
Problem solved after renaming files were rocognized