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Full Version: [Linux] Playback problem with mkvmerge 4.2 and aac audio file
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i got a problem with a file. Specs:

720p h264

aac 2.0(ger) + 5.1(eng)


The file is merged with mkvmerge 4.2 and header removal compression was on.

It does play well using windows 7 and VLC or XBMC(Beta3) but on my Linux Ion System the XBMC Beta 2 and 3 just dont play the file. The screen freezes and XBMC eats all my memory (1,75GB for System).

The preview image works btw.

I cut the first 100MB of the file with dd - could anyone with some tech knowledge check that out and tell me whats wrong?


have you tried to remove the header compression with MKVToolNix? I had to do it with my previous NMT
Just tested it with "mkclean --no-optimize" and it did not help.
(changekig from mkclean: add a --no-optimize option to forbid track compression)

So its not the header removal compression but something else. Should i create a BugReport on this one?