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Full Version: How do visualizations work?
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Hi. I'm curious as to how visualizations actually work?

Are they tied up to a skin, or can they be installed separately? Are there any custom visualizations out there? I see a long list on the Wiki, but are any of them available on the "main" XBMC release (Dharma)?

I've tried searching for visualization here on the forum, but the results are very sporadic, and I don't see any specific releases...
Can I get some insight hereHuh

Thanks, Artur
Many of the Wiki articles are badly out of date, mainly because as is usual with developers we're all too busy cutting code to write the documentation :-)

Yeah I imagine - but the main question is really - are there any extra visualizations available for the general platform (not Xbox)Huh
No, I don't know of any.

Visualisations are not addons. They are binaries and quite complex to write. I don't suppose it would be too hard to rewrite the old XBox addons (assuming the source is available) and maybe when someone invents an eighth day in the week I'll have a go :-)

strictly speaking vizes are add-ons. but there's no additionals available. and our repo does not support hosting them yet - gets involved on linux. it's on the todo though.
Ok, thanks for the clarification - now everything makes more sense...