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Full Version: xbox startup screen
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My friend recently gave me his old xbox. I had setup an FTP yesterday and was watching videos fine on my TV. I hit shutdown thinking it would turn off the xbox, but I guess it closed XBMC. Now everytime I boot my xbox it goes to the original XBOX screen. How do I get back to the XBMC?
Sorry if this is a stupid question, yesterday was literally my first time using XBMC.
So it goes to the original Microsoft dashboard? Not sure about that one. My XBox runs EvolutionX as its dashboard, and you can add extra items into the menus by FTPing up edited config files. Don't know if/how that helps, but you might want to take questions about the XBox to the xbmc4xbox website instead. XBox is no longer supported on the official XBMC site here, so I expect you'll get more hands-on info there.

Besides, this part of the forum is for the AppleTV Smile
Long time ago since i actually heard this sort of problem Wink
well that depends as i know... depending on the mod (chip / softmod) there are different ways to start the modified dash (eg xbmc).

Try to press the start button a few seconds longer than normal, or try to start it with the eject button