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Full Version: [LINUX] XBMC == Media && Game center!!
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So I've been using ubuntu+xbmc for a long time as a media center but now i want to expand it to a game center. I've read that you can link/start games in xbmc:


I've ordered used joypads(game controllers) (2 of them) for cheap(like 5€) (usb connect, they should work on linux) (I've also ordered an IR controler for cheap(like 10€)).

So now i'm looking for games that i can play on a TV (720p) with the game controllers. Possibly something 2 people can play (2 controllers).

Any suggestions on games? (probably more like arcade games)

When i'm done i can, if the community wishes, write a HOW-TO on how i converted xbmc to a Game center.

Who needs ps3/xbox/wii Big Grin
While they may not look the best, SNES or N64 would be a good start.
Yeah. agreed.

This is how I do it and here are the steps to reproduce
from another computer, ssh into your box
ssh -X [email protected] #(or @youripaddress)
sudo apt-get install extremetuxracer
#hit ctrl+c or exit the game it to stop etracer  You just started it to set it's options.
edit the file /home/xbmc/.etracer/options and chane the lines "set x_resolution and set y_resolution to the proper height and width. then go back to the terminal

This is how to start the game from now on:
ssh [email protected] #(or @yourxbmcip)
export DISPLAY
The game etracer will come up full screen and it will play. hit the "\" key to lose XBMC focus. I have a keyboard attached to my media center so I just play with that.

There are more elegant ways like using the integrated launcher app. However, you may need to use the steps above to set the default resolution. extreme tux racer won't work with the XBMC resolution by default on my computer for some reason.

fretsonfire is another cool one you might want. it's like guitar hero
I like that Idea. Is there anyway to set it up to quit from a key on the game pad? I don't have a keyboard and mouse on my HTPC.
You may want to look at some of the advanced uses of LIRC. You are making a very custom setup where you are running a whole computer from a gamepad instead of just XBMC. In XBOX the computer was designed to run from the gamepad from the ground up.
I'll report when i finish it.