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Full Version: Dharma Beta(s) -- No Optical Sound - What logs do the devs need?
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I am by no means an expert but all 3 Dharma betas have had the same issue where I am unable to get optical (TOSLINK) audio working. Nav sounds work but nothing AC3/DTS -- Analog does work.

What logs would the devs need me to post to assist in the fixing of this -- I would hate to see whatever is going on make it into the release.

9.11 works fine, 9.11 upgraded to Dharma 3 works fine also (audio wise but I am having an issue with it not shutting down properly).
Did it work before 9.11?
Read the thread on how to post a problem in a useful manner. That will tell you what you need to provide.
brantje Wrote:Did it work before 9.11?

9.11 works 100% fine and has as always -- its these Dharma builds and there are other threads about this w/o success.
Still no log?