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Full Version: Playback problem, deformed image ?
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Hi all!

I've recently switched to xbmc and i'm really fond of it!!!
I have now one on my mbp, one on a windows laptop, and I've just switched my media center which was running windows to linux... with xbmc of course ! Smile

But now, I have several problems... the most annoying is a problem with movie playback. I use the ppa svn so I guess have the last version. My computer runs with a ATI hd4650 and the fglrx driver seems ok.

So the problem is that when a movie is played (and it seems also in the xbmc interface, but as there are less movements it is not that obvious) the image is kind of not refreshed in one time... I mean, you ca see some cut lines in the movie. The faster the movement is, the more is it perceptible.

Could anyone help me with this issue ?
Thanks a lot in advance.
Turn off desktop effects in gnome and turn on vsync in xbmc.
The effects were already turned off, and for the vsync, well, it works Smile

Thanks a lot bobo1on1 !!