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Full Version: faulty xbmc android remote
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hello all

massive fan of the android xbmc remote but sometimes after a while playing media, it is as if the server or the remote goes to sleep or something happens because after i have left it a while and go to use the remote, whether it is just to use the remote to go through my media library or actually use it as a remote to fast forward or pause something, after leaving the remote untouched for a while when i go to press the remote, the outcome is different sometimes

sometimes i have a long wait, like 5 seconds sometimes for the key press to reach xbmc

other times, the xbmc will mess up xbmc, what happens is i go to do something like pause or fast foward, and it sends xbmc crazy and it goes back and forth with being paused and resumed or will fast forward so fast it reaches the end of the media and once that happens it will go back to my media library and it will still be going crazy, what will be happening is it will just be flicking through my media library as if i had my finger hold down on the right arrow key on my keyboard and not letting go

so what i have to do is go to task manager and end the process of xbmc

i was hoping it would have been fixed when i recently updated xbmc remote on android market, but guess not, and it has happened with multiple different versions of xbmc, so i have no idea what it is, but i hope someone does and i hope this gets fixed because it is extremely irritating when them things happen

these events are of course unexpected by the way, sometimes i use the remote and its good, but more than half the time the remote and xbmc does not get on too well and sometimes i just have to go back to using keyboard, not happy

some information is below, i hope someone can reply after writing all this

windows 7 x64
xbmc dharma beta 3 (but the issue has happened with all 3 betas and the last final xbmc, can not remember the name)
using an lg gt540 phone, running android 1.6, i can not update to anything above 1.6 at the moment because there is no available update from lg yet
xbmc android remote is up to date
i have the same problem. It almost seems like a key gets stuck or something and XBMC goes nuts processing it. If I kill the android remote and wait 5 - 10 seconds the craziness stops. It almost makes the remote unusable. Any fixes or advice for this one yet?
Check the setting "Explicitly Send Repeats" and play with those settings.
This is funny...I'm having this exact problem and finally found a thread on it. Wonder if there is a definite fix out there...driving me NUTS
Also reporting in, same issue when controlling xbmc over tcp/ip, it's like a key is being pressed continuously. It then goes on, scrolling through the menu's, or changing the screen aspect ratio.

I'm using the latest xbmc-live release.

Strange thing is, I started using XBMC Constellation on the iPad and my girlfriend just sent me a mail she's having the same issue with that now.

I might try to mirror the switchport and use wireshark to see if there's actually packets being sent over the lan... But it's not really reproducible, most of the times it works without a problem.

edit: will try changing the explicit setting in the options tonight
svinyard Wrote:This is funny...I'm having this exact problem and finally found a thread on it. Wonder if there is a definite fix out there...driving me NUTS

My sentiments exactly!

Especially now that I managed to throw the charger for my Dinovo mini in the garbage. No
have you made the developers of the remote aware of the issue? That would be a place to start.
I am having this problem too... driving me nuts.

I'll try to fiddle with the settings, but any help is really appreciated.
Having the same issues. It happens on all of my systems including windows, atv2 and the new openelec install I just did. Any help would be appreciated...
I have the same problem, has this been reported?
i found that if you press the arrow in the direction that it's scrolling, it stops.
I have the exact same issue! Only way to make it stop is to press in the same direction.
Any news on this? Extremely annoying it is!

I'm on win7 x64 and I'm running Eden.
And using the latest version of the Android remote.
Just so people who come across this thread know, what worked for me was going to settings on the android remote and checking the box for "Explicitly Send Repeats". I have not had an issue since. Hope this helps others who dont have this box checked.
that does work, but it makes it a bit slow moving through a large library.