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Full Version: Can I have both remote and Xbox controller connected to XBMC?
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Currently, I have Harmony Remote with MCE USB receiver that controls my HTPC running XBMC Live 9.11 (installed to hard drive). I would like to install few games and XBox360 wireless controller. My question is, can I have both running at the same time? I would like to control XBMC with remote when playing movies, music, etc and use XBox controller only when playing games.

Shouldn't be a problem
Thanks for reply. Does that mean that I can create more than one keymap.xml file and have both enabled so I can switch between remote and controller without any changes to the configuration?
I'm not sure what you mean.

Do you want XBMC to be aware of the XBox Controller, or do you just want to use the XBox Controller whenever you're running a game? I'm assuming that you don't have XBMC running while you play those games?
Yeah, you are right. Totally forgot that I will have to exit XBMC to play games :-)