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Full Version: How about a "thanks button" ??
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how about a "thanks button", in a few forums you can just hit the "thanks" button & it adds users who said thanks under a post,a nice easy way to say thanks to someone that helped.
Thanks for this post!
your welcome

I only mentioned it cos im surprised we dont have one.
Was my joke too subtle?
Thanks for this post...

lawl. I spit sun flower seeds all over my monitor

what's the need ?
Ok i forgot about Sarcasm from you old timers on here lol, its been along time since i've had any on here (no i don't want any more!!). so not a good idea then.
ppic Wrote:what's the need ?

Cuts down on the server loads (as I understand it) and encourages politeness, saves making a post just to say thanks.

I think its a good idea and was wondering about a thanks button too.

you can add to someone's reputation already
Cool, didn't realise that
joebrady Wrote:you can add to someone's reputation already

use this icon on the left: