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Full Version: Add-Ons Can't Download but SSH/FTP Work
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In the past year, I have been running various versions of XBMCFreak Live CDs on my Acer AspireRevo 1600 with no problems at all to speak of. When Dharma 3 was released, I tried a the official Live version through XBMC. I found that while the installation worked and I could log in via Putty and connect to the box through FTP, I could not download any add-ons. I see the list of add-ons and it even says Update Available for some but when I try to install any of them, they just stay stuck on Downloading 0%.

I've since tried the XBMCFreak Live CD and the official Dharma 3 version a few times but still cannot get add-ons to download. What could be wrong here? I assume it's a network issue of some kind but I don't even know what to start fiddling with... I've tried most things that I could think of.

Any hints or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Same problem interestingly I have a revo 1600 also.

I've had the same problem with two diferent revo's that we've tried. Both with the official live install and XBMCFreak's install. RSS ticker comes up so i know there's net access, accessing shares over my internal network is fine, and i can access the addons list no problem. However if i try to download anything it stays stuck on 0%. I've since put OPENElec.tv version on both revo's and they work no problem. This makes me think it is a linux problem and not an XBMC problem, but i don't have the knowledge to investigate further. I've seen a few different people post with the same issue and i would suggest they try the OPENElec.tv version and see if it fixes their problems.