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Full Version: XBMC on iMON Display (LCD / VFD) for Windows
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(2014-01-03, 08:18)baijuxavior Wrote: [ -> ]

Copy the above code to notepad and save it as advancedsettings.xml. During save select 'Save as type' as 'All files', otherwise the filename will be advancedsettings.xml.txt. Copy this file to xbmc userdata folder which is usually 'C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata'

Thanks for the reply Baijuxavior,
I did what your thread suggested but still not working. Will wait until public version of Gotham is released and then try again.
It is working for my Gotham version. Check if port number is the same in xbmc (settings > services >webserver) and xbmconimon.
(2014-01-04, 07:37)baijuxavior Wrote: [ -> ]It is working for my Gotham version. Check if port number is the same in xbmc (settings > services >webserver) and xbmconimon.

Thanks for the suggestion but the port numbers are the same.

Do you use port 80 or 8080

also what version of imon manager are you using? I am using version 8.12.1202
I don't remember the exact imon version. You need to use the parslej version of xbmconimon, link posted a few pages back.

edit - link http://www.share-online.biz/dl/13MP39UMIJ
I am using the parslej version of xbmconimon, have been since XBMC 12.0 and was working well until my update to a Gotham Nightly

What version of the nightly are you using. If all else fails, I can change that and see if it works.
Don't know why, but I removed the username from xbmconimon and it now works even though XBMC still has a username of XBMC.

Thanks for all your help baijuxavior.

is parslej still developing this tool? Because i would be nice if it would have some features, like disconnect of xbmconimon from VFD/LCD/iMon Manage if XBMC is minimized or if the tool would work without Windows Explorer running.

There's also a memory leak/CPU usage issue in Parslej's version. Quite often, if I exit XBMC the CPU usage on my Athlon X2 4850e spikes to 80% and it's all because of XBMConiMon. As soon as I quit XBMConiMon manually, CPU usage returns to normal. It doesn't happen every time, but more often than not. If I were a betting man, i would say it's down to the tool not being aware that XBMC has quit, but I cannot be sure.
EDIT: Problem disappeared by using Parslej's version.

I read this as a fix, but thought it was for VFD display only, so didn't try until now, when I thought i'd just give it a go.
Can confirm now it works with my hardware/software combination.

Link found earlier in thread: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/13MP39UMIJ

I'm currently experiencing the following problem:
When I connect to Xbmc I get a Null Exception:

String reference not set to an instance of a String.
Parameter name: s

I'm using an Antec Fusion Remote Black with the LCD display.
I have the latest iMon Manager.
XbmxOnImon which I got from the first page.
XBMC 12.3 Frodo

I looked through the thread and saw a few other people having this issue, but no one really replied to them. So I assume it's something really dumb that's my/our fault, but if anyone has the answer I'd really like to know.

Ciao, I'm a new Xbmc user and account in this forum.
I have xbmc frodo version and xbmconimon parslej version.

I have a problem with my silverstone case LCD touchscreen 4,2'': when xbmc is connecting to imon, a message error appear on system tray (i see in the xbmconimon log file, failed in init phase calling imon api).
I red that this xbnconimon version doesn't work with LCD touchscreen.

So, could it possible to have an xbmconimon upgrade in order to manage imon LCD touchscreen like a normal LCD, without any touch features?

Thx for help in advance.
any possibility to get the source code to help developing?


Source code of parslej version is not available, I think.
That's too bad, any possibillity to get parsleys sourcecode?
IIRC, what parslej did was to modify BlackMan's code to suite frodo. There should not be much difference between the two.
There are also changes regarding compatibility to Windows 8 and 8.1.