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Full Version: XBMC on iMON Display (LCD / VFD) for Windows
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I reccomend clearing the default username/password in both XBMC/Kodi and XbmcOniMon when setting up, as it limits the number of potential points of failure. Once it's working, then re-assign the password/username combo if required.

Ports in my setup are 80 / 9090. It works as it should. Be mindful that the VFD and LCD are two different products, and Parslej's version only supports the LCD version, and likewise cdenfert's the VFD version. Both are forks of Montellese's / Blackman's original work on the utility.

I have said this before, but it's worth repeating; Disable the "XBMC Media Info" integration in the IMON Manager software, as XbmcOniMon replaces this functionality. IMON's built in support has been broken since at least Eden, and may conflict with XbmcOniMon when trying to connect. This option will be auto-enabled if you install the drivers/software with XBMC installed.

There is still an outstanding issue of XbmcOniMon pegging CPU usage to 100% sometimes when XBMC/Kodi quits. I think XbmcOniMon is not uninitializing properly when this occurs. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough to be annoying.
Quote:There is still an outstanding issue of XbmcOniMon pegging CPU usage to 100% sometimes when XBMC/Kodi quits. I think XbmcOniMon is not uninitializing properly when this occurs. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough to be annoying.

That is happening,100% CPU, some solution?Sad
Unless somebody checks the code and fills the blanks, the only solution i can think of is maybe running a batch file or autohotkey script with XBMC/Kodi Launcher that performs a "Task kill" operation on the XBMConiMon utility when XBMC/Kodi exits. You could ask the developer of the launcher to add such functionality.

The one remaining system I have with one of these displays is having some renovation, and will soon be donated to a friend, so it's not a concern for me.

EDIT: If memory serves; It's most likely to happen if you exit XBMC/Kodi a SECOND time during any single run of the XBMConiMon utility.

I'm trying to configure XBMC for Imon (Parslej Version) but I have an issue with Initialization of Imon.
I have an error code "pluginfailed" when XBMC on Imon try to initialize it.
I have the last version of Imon. 8.12.1202

XBMC on Imon is well connected to Kodi Helix version and IMON is well configured.

Any ideas ?
(2015-01-19, 11:27)knthrack Wrote: [ -> ]Hello,

I'm trying to configure XBMC for Imon (Parslej Version) but I have an issue with Initialization of Imon.
I have an error code "pluginfailed" when XBMC on Imon try to initialize it.
I have the last version of Imon. 8.12.1202

XBMC on Imon is well connected to Kodi Helix version and IMON is well configured.

Any ideas ?

You shouldn't be seeing any error messages in XBMC with regards XBMConiMon. It's not a plugin by the way, so if you've put XBMConiMon in the XBMC plugins folder, move it somewhere else. XBMConiMon is a standalone 3rd Party application that runs seperately to XBMC/Kodi and communicates with it via TCP much in the same way as the built-in WebUI works.

I recommend using the XBMC/Kodi Launcher tool to auto-start XbmcOniMon when XBMC/Kodi starts, otherwise put it in your Start Menu -> Startup folder to start when the PC starts. Be aware if you do use XBMC/Kodi Launcher, do not set the option within that tool to have XBMC replace explorer.exe as the default shell. Doing so will prevent the iMon Manager software/drivers from working correctly.

136798 (thread)

I am running the matrix version of XBMConiMon and everything is working fine except the screen doesn't seem to want to scroll. It will move a couple of letters then go back to the beginning. It's as though it has been set to only allow a certain amount of letters. Does anyone else have this problem?

Scrolling works with Parslej's version but this crashes sometimes.
Hi there,

maybe you can help me but I have no clue what I'm doing wrong.

Whenever I set up XBMConiMon (and XBMC/Kodi) XBMConiMon can't connect to XBMC/Kodi.

I added the TCP-Port to advancedsettings.xml, changed username and password on XBMC/Kodi and tried with two of my machines (one with XBMC 13.2 and one with Kodi 14.1). I even tried all aviable XBMConiMon versions (the one from cdenfert, the one from parslej and the original from Montellese). But always get the error message that the Program cant connect to XBMC.

I tried to access the web control of xbmc with the specified values and I can access it.

So at this point I defenitley don't know whats wrong here!

I'm new to Kodi, but I have a very old Imon VFD (Silverstone OEM) in my HTPC running Windows 8.1. The version from post #842 works for me. Scrolling artist, album and title information when playing music etc (special characters not too well...). To me it seems like disabling the Windows firewall did the trick.

That was my first thought aswell but it didn't help to switch it of. With me I also have a LCD from Silverstone (the one build in LC14M).
XBMConiMon queries Kodi in exactly the same way as the AWXi and Chorus addons do. So if they work, so should XBMConiMon. Just be aware that the LCD and VFD function differently so you may need a different version of the tool that meets your setup. For those who are unsure; If you have progress bars, the spinning disk icon, and codec icons, you have the LCD display. If you have text only on a display that looks similar to the VCR / DVD / DVR displays of old, you have the VFD display.

Also, be aware that the username "xbmc" that the tool defaults to, should now be changed to "kodi" (without quotes) even if not using a password. If you HAVE changed the username/password combo in Kodi's web server settings, you will need to do so in the XBMConiMon tool as well. The settings I've used on my old system (soon to be donated to a friend) with the LCD type screen (Zalman HD503 HTPC Case) which I can verify work, are posted below. Some will need to be tailored to match your setup (e.g: speaker config:- This is NOT set automatically, amongst others).

Settings Screen 1:

Settings Screen 2:

Settings Screen 3-1:

Settings Screen 3-2:

Settings Screen 3-3:

I did not have to allow XBMConiMon through any firewall as I'm using the "localhost" / "loopback" IP address ( However, I've seen it written (and highly recommended elsewhere on this forum) that you allow Kodi access in your firewall to both the local AND public domains to prevent issues with other add-ons. As long as your running a NAT router, and not forwarding any ports to the machine running Kodi, this should not present any security risks.

Neither did I need to "specify" any port assignments, either within Kodi, nor via the advancedsettings.xml file.

Turn OFF built-in support for XBMC in the iMon Manager software. It hasn't worked since Eden, and never supported it properly (lack of ability to specify username / password) anyway. If enabled it may conflict with XBMConiMon.

iMon Manager Settings:

The Graphic Equalizer WILL NOT WORK if you run XBMC / Kodi using any WASAPI based output. WASAPI runs in exclusive mode under XBMC/Kodi, which means iMon Manager is unable to "eavesdrop" on the audio data it needs to display the EQ. For me, better quality audio is preferable to a pretty poor EQ display. For you it may be different. Even using the "all system sounds" may fail for the same reason, but this is untested by me personally. I never cared enough to go that far.

Finally, I do not start XBMConiMon directly via the startup menu. Instead I use Launcher4Kodi, which can be found here. Be aware though, that if you replace the default shell (explorer.exe) with Kodi in the launcher, the iMon Manager app won't auto-start, and it's required to be installed and running for XBMConiMon to function correctly.

Hope this helps those with problems setting up these displays. This will probably be my last post in this thread on this subject, as the last system I have running one of these displays won't be here much longer, so I'll be un-subscribing from this thread.

EDIT: Just to clarify: People may think that XBMConiMon modifies what's displayed on the screen "Directly". It's my understanding that in actual fact, the XBMConiMon tool acts as a bridge between XBMC/Kodi and the iMon Manager software, more specifically; it's 3rd party API plugin mode. So it's absolutely necessary to have BOTH running as I've alluded to above. XBMConiMon replaces the functionality that was built-in to the "Media Information" portion of the software. It doesn't do anything with the display or drivers directly. At least that's my understanding.

I'm trying to solve the problem with my antec fusion imon lcd display for quite some time now. The problem is that the LCD sometimes shows data and sometimes not - randomly. After restart a PC usually works ok but after wake from sleep I get data about two times then XbmcOnImon (Parslej Version) uninitialize. Here is the XbmcOnImon log, if someone can figure out where is the problem:

This line:
XbmcOniMon.exe Error: 0 : 03/06/2015 08:10:27 [Display Handler] iMON not initialized.

Tells me that the iMon drivers/ Manager GUI have not (yet) been loaded into memory or aren't responding properly. This can also be caused by your network adapter not yet having been properly (re)initialized at the point XBMConiMon makes it's request. Either that or the USB device the display is connected by has not woken up properly (yet).

I'd avoid using sleep mode with these displays. USB has issues sometimes when returning from sleep, the Network connection needs to re-synchronize and your using three different programs which all need to interact with each other via USB and/or networking. Too many potential points of failure.

I'd recommend trying Hibernate instead of sleep mode. If that fails to work, put your OS on an SSD (but NOT Kodi) and avoid using sleep mode.
The main problem your experiencing here, is XBMConiMon is initializing faster than the iMon Manager software when the PC returns from sleep, and AFAIK you cannot dictate the order at which either XBMConiMon will start or the iMon Manager software will re-initialize. And since the default behaviour is to disable XBMConiMon if the iMon Software reports an error, which may include it returning from sleep mode because the device has not yet been re-initialized, XBMConiMon will quit trying to connect as far as I understand it.
Yes that could be but after restart pc I open kodi, imon works, I play first file =OK, play second file =OK, play third file imon uninitialize.
Question: I have OS on SSD, why shouldn't kodi be there?
Too many cache and clutter files associated with Kodi, like the entire "Thumbnails" folder, which is a cache of all the artwork used by Kodi. As this is constantly being rotated / replaced on a 3 day cycle if memory serves, it will cause undue wear on your SSD.

For those running SSD's, I recommend installing Kodi to a separate drive and using a "portable" install.