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Full Version: XBMC on iMON Display (LCD / VFD) for Windows
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Hi all.

I've been using Kodi in the form of OpenELEC & LireELEC for some years now. I'm trying to switch to a Windows based system now and would like to use this addon.

I've installed it and got it displaying but I only have the "Title" line visible. I would very much like to get the progress bar working but I can't figure out how to do it.

I've read through every page here but could not see how to do it. Did I miss it?

Could someone please explain it or show me a link to the info.


Just a heads up for OpenELEC... Archive:OpenELEC (wiki)
Cheers for that. I left OE due to slow development and started using LE.

Guessed it was only a matter of time before OE died as all the good developers went to LE.

I'm now wanting to switch to Windows based system as Linux based is difficult for me to work with. I have basic Linux knowledge but much better with Windows. I wasn't happy with some areas of the LE system and didn't have the knowledge to change them myself.
An update on this.
Looking further into the settings, I can see an option for "show progress". It is ticked but grayed out so I cannot adjust this setting. I'm using the version. I tried the 0.1.4 version but would only get an exception error when it tried to connect to Kodi.
Hello dear community,
I've already tried to get a useful result on the search function. :
Either there is nothing or I'm too stupid; (
Please forgive if I have not found it.
After a few years, I'm now off for 4K, etc. of my Rasp and again switched to a Windows box.
Is there anyone who has gotten this display (Silverstone CW3) running with media information from Kodi18 ?
About a tip, I would really very, very grateful. : D
Best regards
Bad news. My HTPC had to be reinstalled so I decided to switch to Leia (RC 3). This led to many hours of frustration trying to get the display to work, sometimes it worked, most of the time XBMConImon seemed to crash according to the logs and could only come up with the idle text.

I have a 64 bit system so I had installed Leia 64, but later tests with the 32 bit version didn’t improve matters. I finally decided to switch back to Krypton and the display is once again working like a charm.

My display is the 310 something used in the Originae S10, so VFD running Win 10 pro 64. The software used is 1.4.0 by Montelesse, tried all other iterations as well.

Should anyone have a solution, I would be most grateful as it now seems I will be stuck with Krypton forever.
It happens to me exactly the same as you, same vfd screen, same version of kodi.

I need a solution, Thanks.
The same problem with Kodi 18..... 
hopefully this error have solution!!
Thanks a lot
Could not find it in (there are a lot of pages).

But I have Kodi 17.6 (Zephyr) on my Windows 10 64bit htpc with iMon Manager 8.12.1202.
I got the VDF display working at startup, but it crashes when I start to play a song. When opening XBMConiMon again it shows the title informatie. But again crashes when choosing another song. 

The strange thing is that when I play a whole album or playlist it keeps on working (till I chose another album or song)?
Tried a lot with the settings, but can't find the problem.

Any tips on this? Thanks a lot in advance...

I can't turn of XMBC in the Imon Manager as the ReadMe says you should do, it's greyed out Undecided ?
When watching live tv, initially I get the episode name showing, but it doesn’t change when the next show starts, this feature worked fine with WMC. Anyone know why this doesn’t work?

did any of you guys with an iMon VFD had luck with getting it to seamless work with Kodi 18?

Mine is partly working and it shows me a progress bar from the movie/tv show i'm watching but only the second one in my playback playlist. Initially it gets stuck on the last menu item i was before i started playback.

Hopefully anyone got a working solution :-)