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Full Version: Addons and RSS feed
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This may be very noobish questions, but I need a little help while I still have hair left on my head.

My setup is Ubuntu 10.10 and newest XBMC (Confluence Skin) on a Acer Revo. Installed 4 days ago.
Everything is up and running fine.

But I can figure out how to add addons or how to alter the RSS feed.
I have tried searching the forums, and I cant find a guide that works.

I have altered the RssFeeds.xml file in /usr/share/XBMC/userdata/ , but it doesn't seem to do anything. Am I changing it in the wrong place maybe?

This refers to "...Open the XBMC Add-Ons Manager from the XBMC System menu..." I cant find this anywhere. Do I need to install something before this can be selected ?

All help will be rewarded with a big hug Wink

Is there really nobody who can help me here?
Are you using latest Dharma release ? If yes, post full debug log via pastebin.
that's the wrong file - try ~/.xbmc/userdata/RssFeeds.xml. or better yet, just use the rss editor script (avail in the add-on browser, shipped with our builds).