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Full Version: New XBMC User - Troubles with Music Library
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Hi all, I'm a new XBMC user, just installed a few days ago on my Mythbuntu machine (Ubuntu 10.10).

Setup of XBMC overall was SUPER seamless. I was able to get pictures and videos with corresponding auto-fetched fanart, plots, etc, up and running in just minutes.

However, my music library is the only thing giving me much trouble. No matter what I do, I can't see to get xbmc to auto-fetch album data or cover art for my albums.
  • It doesn't display any information except filename.
  • When I press "Scan Item to Library", some scanning occurs but nothing visually changes.
  • When I select an album and press "Album Information", no information is shown.
  • On the Album page, if I click "Refresh", it goes in a loop of "Enter the Album Name" prompt and "Enter the Artist Name" prompts.

These songs have been ID3 tagged manually, along with auto-tagged using MusicBrains Picard, and tagged within Itunes separately. Any ideas?

Curious if anyone has any tips on getting the music data to come in right. I tried the wiki and troubleshooting to no luck.
Do you have "Download additional information on updates" enabled in music library settings?
olympia Wrote:Do you have "Download additional information on updates" enabled in music library settings?

yep. Service set at allmusic. And update libraries on startup set
Then debug log please...about an unsuccesful "scan item to library".
Ok I'll take a look and report back
Ok I did a 'tail -f xbmc.log' while trying to re-scan, get album info refresh, and get song info.

The only thing that appeared in the log was:

15:26:48 T:3018845040 M:506507264  NOTICE: My Music: Scanning for music info using worker thread, operation took 00:00

No errors. Just that.

Some other notes:

- Tried cleaning library, no luck
- Tried reducing to just one directly as a source
- Tried changing scrapers to Allmusic, Freebase, etc

Note: It DOES seem to be grabbing the ID3 tags, as when I am in library mode for music, it does sort by Artist, Album, and Genre. Just no album artist or song info (and no auto-downloaded cover art Sad )
I need a full debug log pasted to pastebin site.
My mistake. First time posting an xbmc debug log.

I started with a fresh log and here is the pastebin:

My actions:
1. Start xbmc
2. Go to MUSIC
3. Delete current music source (AC-DC)
4. Added music source (AC-DC, 2 albums)
5. Selected "Scan Into Library"
6. Once complete, tried to check album info, refresh album info, check song info, etc ...
7. Exited

I noticed in the log that when it goes to fetch from last.fm and allmusic, the results are displayed <results></results> ... is that expected? Because when I go to the results link (example here), I see data.

Thanks again!
My bad as well. My first question should've been "what version are you using".

You're using 9.11 Camelot. Allmusic scraper is broken in this version.
Please upgrade to Dharma beta4.
Thanks. I'll give that a shot.
When I first installed, only lucid debian package was available (9.11). But now I see there is a maverick release that is maverick package which I can upgrade to (although I'm having a heck of a time getting my package manager recognizing maverick link...).

I'll update to Dharma and post with the results.


While I couldn't get the latest install to work from the maverick ubuntu version of the repo, I just downloaded via SVN and compiled Dharma 4 locally. It now is reading off allmusic and scraping perfectly.

Thanks again!