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Full Version: [LINUX] Video starts offset ~10 seconds in slow motion until audio catches up
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When I start to play a video, XBMC freezes for about 10 seconds. Suddenly, playback starts 10 seconds from the beginning, but the audio plays from the start. This causes the video to play in slowmotion until the audio catches up.

For a movie this is okay, but when you want to quickly play some videos to find out which one 'was that one,' it gets annoying very soon.

I have this problem for a while now, though it used to be perfectly quick and okay. I have no idea what caused the problem because I didn't do any updates recently. I did swap the motherboard of my MC with a different one when the old one broke, but Ubuntu just kept on working normally, and frankly I don't remember if the problem existed immediately after or a while later. So it might not be relevant, but I mention it just in case.

I run Ubuntu 10.04 and XBMC 9.11-lucid2. I know this ain't the very latest version, but I never ever ever did an update that didn't break something that took me a day to configure, and I've grown tired of that in a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" way.

I think the problem is not inside XBMC anyway, as it used to work fine.
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I updated all of XBMC and Ubuntu 10.04 from the repo's today. I still have this problem.

On play, the menu freezes for about ~10 seconds before video starts. It starts to play back from keyframe 2 (or just 10 seconds from the start) in slowmotion, until the audio, which starts from the actual beginning, is in sync with the video. This is with mkv/avi files.

Effectively, on playback start, I always have to press the rewind button once to start both audio and video from the beginning.

Any idea as to how to fix this?
How about posting a debug log Smile
Oh, sure, yes, ofcourse. I figured, since so many people don't have problems, the log won't show the cause. But that's a stupid assumption for someone asking help. Here it is.

Starting up, playing video, waiting for audio and video go in sync, stopping, and shutting down: See Attachment. (too long to post)


Like I said in the OP, there is a chance this behavior started after swapping my motherboard + videocard for new ones (AGP -> PCI-E). I'm not sure, but I am sure this problem didn't exist on the previous mobo + vidcard.
Please turn on debug logging and post another log.
Oops Big Grin long time ago since I lasted posted debug logs.

Grrmbl.. The file of 82.4 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 19.5 KB for this filetype. Pastebin is down.

Here it is:
Under system-appearance->skin, turn off navigation sounds.

First of all, thank you big time for figuring that out! Laugh I never ever though of that seemingly totally unrelated option but it totally works. XBMC quits much faster now, too!

Second, could you maybe explain how (come) this is relevant to the problem? And maybe have an idea what could be a problem on my system that causes this to break playback? (Navigation sounds sound normal)
We turn them off when starting playback (because shit kept breaking when doing both at the same time), somehow turning them off seems to be very slow for some people, I've seen it once before.
In that case, switching the motherboard would have been the cause after all.

I used to have Creative SB Live! (no problem) on my previous motherboard. Now I have something onboard, detected as HDA Intel with Realtek ALC888 (problem).
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It happened again. Different computer (Zotac Fusion, AMD HTPC thing), as soon as I changed the Ubuntu sound device preferences profile from 2 to 4 speakers, the exact same thing is happening with XBMC (latest beta from http://ppa.launchpad.net/nathan-renniewa...tly/ubuntu).

Except now, it doesn't get fixed by turning off the navigation sounds. Is there a new trick?

Also, when NOT in fullscreen, when pressing pause during video playback, sometimes a bunch of distorted echos from the sound continue to play for a few seconds now. Also since going from 2 to 4 speakers in the Ubuntu sound hardware profile.