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Full Version: skinning add-ons, xml name format?
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I can't seem to figure out the right way to name xml's that should take care of skinning add-ons.

For instance using:


works fine to include an xml in my skin that provides skinning support for that add-on.

But when I use try to do this for the big pictures script like this:

script-The Big Picture-main.xml

this won't work. I've tried several variations on this (no spaces, underscores, etc.). Both scripts have similar file system layouts.

So in short: should the name set in the addon.xml be used to name the xml?
The guy who did the addon might of coded it badly and not support you skinning it properly. its not just auto matic
I see, yeah I assumed it would work automatically. I'll ask the authors if they can do anything about it.

I am the author of this script - sorry for the missing magic...
I created a new test-version which should be "magic enough" Wink

Could you please test this with your skin integrated xml?

thanks for the hint!
Hi Sphere, cheers for the update. I had a quick run with it and seems to be working perfectly. Will test more thoroughly later and post feedback in your thread

Thanks again, much appreciated Smile