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Full Version: How to get usplash working
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I cannot seem to change my default usplash
[email protected]:/# sudo apt-get install usplash-xbmc-* -y
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree      
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package usplash-xbmc-*
E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'usplash-xbmc-*'

What am I doing wrong?
Maybe I worded it wrong.... I want to change the boot screen... the first one, the grub boot screen. How can I do that? I have the crappy Ubuntu 10.10 boot screen and I want a XBMC one.
Anyone? How can I make the boot splash screen display XBMC instead of Ubuntu?

This package only exit in the live PPA + there is a new one for grub2. Legacy Grub and Grub2 is very different.
Wait at least 24hrs before bumping, there is no need and it will not get you an answer any quicker.

Answer is in your first message, it can't find the package you are trying to install. Need to add the ppa for them, or should be able to backport them.

Keep in mind grub2 works differently - all of this could have been found with a quick search.
Usplash is for Ubuntu Karmic. Install Plymouth for Lucid and above.
Thank you.
I used Flomaster's post here to get this going:

While the new loading screen looks great, the script "runXBMC" now doesn't launch automatically.

I can ssh to the HTPC and type runXBMC to get XBMC to open, but the SSH connection must remain open (as it's waiting for runXBMC to finish) or else XBMC closes.

Any ideas?

Edit: I was able to get this to work again.

I found runXBMC in /usr/bin so I copied it to the init.d folder

$sudo cp /usr/bin/runXBMC /etc/init.d/

And then set it to start at startup

$ sudo update-rc.d runXBMC defaults

Beginner stuff, but hopefully fixes this problem for anyone else thats new in the future.