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Full Version: [LIVE] broken upgrade after dharma 4 + dist-upgrade
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seem to have broken my emulators whilst upgrading to dharma 4 and also doing a dist-upgrade

am getting the following error when trying to run zsnes with the following arguments :

-s -v 22 -ad sdl -r 6

Could not set 1440x1080-GL video mode

All worked before upgrade - im guessing this my be something to do with the nvidia drivers ? Im using xbmc-live on my asrock ion330ht

Many thanks for any help

my full xbmc.log is here http://pastebin.com/cCmNe4NG

anyone any ideas ? im completely stuck otherwise (at least until the next release which i have no idea if it will fix it) :/
well, you did a dist-upgrade with a live image. I'm surprised this didn't screw up more things other than the emulators. if you want to upgrade your installation, don't use the live installation as base, instead use XBMCbuntu. that makes sure you have a valid base install (minimal/server) that at least *might* get upgraded successfully.
problem being to get from beta3 to beta4 on live it it doesn't install xx package unless you do a dist-upgrade

maybe XBMCbuntu is for me? fast boot directly into xbmc?

it definitely is, flomaster.
on one hand, XBMCbuntu needs more time to set-up correctly but the updated wiki article is excellent and the installation is no big deal as long as you have network access and an SSH terminal.
on the other hand, while at the same time learning a lot of linux-stuff, you get a decent system tailored to your hardware needs and can update/upgrade without always fearing to screw up your system.

just don't expect faster boot times compared to live, for this you need to dig deeper into the system. but yes, in the end you switch it on and it directly boots into XBMC with everything working just fine.
hrm... this has me very intrigued...

I fear doing apt-get update / upgrade for fear of some thing breaking and me having to spend hours tracking it down.

boot time isn't as big as a deal as I make it out to be as long as I can S3 sleep and wake via my remote for the WAF all is going to be well.

I'll likely get an SSD and possibly try it on that so as I don't screw up my existing install Wink

My opinion on doing the apt-update /upgrade or was it dist-upgrade, safe-upgrade lol Rolleyes ... Always count in for eventual "I Didn't expect this to happen" and now i have to fix it time...
interesting. i'd not realised that upgradees weren't recommended on Live installs!

ill probably go down the XBMCbuntu route as well then - i like to keep on top of security updates just out of habit