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Full Version: Remote control?
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I have zotac mini PC ZBOX HD-ND22:

I have installed Ubutnu 10.10 version and on top of that XBMC.
Which remote control do you suggest for working with XBMC?

I tought to buy Logitech Harmony but I'm not sure if it works(have proper drivers in ubutntu):

Which remote control works without any problems?

When I watch movie with XBMC by default there is no slider to move on different parts of movie or music. How can I set it or it doesn't exists?

Thank you,
The official Microsoft remote is the most widely supported. When you buy a Harmony it doesn't include a receiver, but it can be configured to emulate an MS remote and use the MS receiver. When you use it this way your PC still thinks you're using the MS remote so everything still works.

There isn't a slider in XBMC because it isn't intended to be operated with a mouse. You can use the arrows to jump around in a video, or to jump to a time just key in the time from your remote (or keyboard) eg "1234" jumps to 12 minutes and 34 seconds or "12345" jumps to 1 hour, 23 minutes and 45 seconds.

Thank you for your answer.

Do you have some specific remote control in mind?
When I buught the zotac, the salesman told me that I need remote control with both transmitter and reciver and that logitech harmony has both.

You believe every salesman?

look around at various harmony remotes on google and none have a receiver or advertise a receiver, it looks like the one you looked at brings a USB cable and thats it.

The salesman is a moron.
I must admit I didn't think the Harmony remote came with a receiver. After all it's intended for use with TVs, DVDs, etc where the receiver is built in.

I strongly recommend you buy an official Microsoft remote. Microsoft don't make them any more but they are usually available on eBay. Failing that have a look at http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Remote_Control_Reviews as the article mentions which remotes are Microsoft compatible. The Mediagate GP-IR02BK is Microsoft compatible and seems quite popular.

I found this remote control:


So, it would work with linux and xbmc?

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Should be fine, please note there's a ton of post regarding this VERY subject already, and has been resolved and answered, your post is just really adding litter, perhaps because you clearly didn't use forums search or even googled this.
This blogpost shows a nice roundup of RF-remotes.
@ Robotica

You mean this blogpost

it didnt load anything for me when I clicked yours.

Forums posts on search quite a few on first page http://forum.xbmc.org/search.php?searchid=6955677

Google search http://bit.ly/cfz4EJ