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Full Version: Black screen on startup, using xbmc live 9.11
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Hi all,

I know there are already quite a number of threads about this issue, but I couldn't really figure what's causing this problem and/or how to solve it.

So yesterday I wanted to give xbmc live a go, but I ended up with the black screen issue. I downloaded the latest xbmc live 9.11, installed it on a hard drive (flash drive in my case) and went through the configuration. After the reboot I tried to boot from both available options from my flash drive (ubuntu 9.10/ubuntu 9.10 safe mode or similar). Both resulted in a black screen with no sound either. The same is true for direct booting from cd. I tried all 6 options (intel, nvida, etc.) and all resulted in a black screen.

The computer I'm using is a ProBook 6450b with integrated intel graphics chipset, so it might be a driver issue.. Other than that I've no idea what could be causing it or how to solve it.. Hope you can help me out!
I know very little about this sort of thing but I'd suggest you start with trying the Dharma Beta4 instead of 9.11 and see if that fixes your issue.