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Full Version: [LIVE] Install and LVM
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Hi there,

So I invested in some hardware, downloaded the BETA 3 and started an adventure for creating a XBMC box n my old Sun Cobalt Qube3 housing.

After some problem with the SATA controller and disk recognition by the partitioner I bravely moved on installing the system on two 500Gb disks. I want the system to be set up mirroring the disk. As i found the RAID chip on my JetWay board is apparently a HOAX and is fake raid i moved on using LVM with the partitioners manual setup. So I created a EXT4, Extended and SWAP partition on both drives (as the guided partioner would do) and then created a Volume Group and Logical Volume for both the EXT4 and the SWAP partitition.

With that setup I proceeded the installation, which all worked fine and told me it was done after it was finished. A reboot was in order and I found myself staring at an error say:

ALERT! /dev/mapper/VG1-LV1 does not exist. Dropping to a shell.

And there it all ends again. Can someone please shed some light on this? I'm absolutely not a Linux user so maybe I'm going all wrong about it, but hey... just let me know.