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Full Version: Suggestion Animations
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thanks for my number 1 skin. I started using it long time ago on my old xbox and switched to Ubuntu Big Grin .

What I would like to see is a setting for animations. I am switching a lot of betweeb music visualisation and library. It takes a (thinking) long time switching. I have CDArt enabled and the sliding takes a long time. Is it possible to reduce all the animations?

Perhaps a setting with normal and very fast would be possible. I do not know how complicated it would be.

Perhaps there are any other people loving faster animations.

adding a setting for it would be near impossible, i would have to duplicate
every single animation in the skin and there's far to many of them.

but you can change it yourself by modifying just one line in the addon.xml file at the root of the skin dir:

if you set it to 0.5 it will run all the animations at double speed.
play around with it till you find a value that suits your needs. :-)
Hi Ronie,

thanks for your response. The setting works, but that is no solution for me, because everything is fast, even the moving background.

I changed some delays and slide times in the *music*.xml and it works perfectly. Perhaps that is a solution for an upcoming release.

sorry, i slightly misread your original question.
i thought you were saying all the animations in the skin were too slow...

adding an option to speed up the animation is still a no go,
but i will review all animation times in the skin at some point.

not in the next release, but maybe the one after.
That sounds great Nod