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Full Version: [REQUEST] Jukebox Music Script or Plugin Addon?
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the one thing I've always thought is missing is a decent dukebox-style app or web interface for music on XBMC. I know XBMC is more orientated to movies and tv shows, however it does offer an excellent platform for a dukebox.

Im currently using the excellent AWX web iface, but it is still limited in terms of what I'd like to see
  • Mainly a songs view, hence the reason for ...
  • Filter songs by rating/artist/recently played etc etc
  • Limited access buttons, so can be used by the un-initiated (WAF)
  • Simple interface
  • Add song to playlist
  • Randomise playlist by default
  • When new songs added to playlist, insert at random
  • No deleting songs allowed from playlist
  • Search for song/artist
  • Possible link-in to Sabnzbd for adding songs through a websearch

I'm sure there's loads of other stuff that could be included. The main one for me is the ability to limit access to other areas of XBMC or limit the ability to screw things up! IF you were thinking of using this at a party then you wouldn't want people there deleting your own playlists/tv shows etc!

I think this would work great as an Addon within XBMC and also as a web intereface - that way you could have multiple access points to the same dukebox/playlist. Im imagining a Hugh Heffner-style party, with lots of rooms, lots of people, all adding to the dukebox playlist (and not staring at the pretty ladies!)

All thoughts welcome

btw, im completely up for helping out with any development - my own skills are short on programming, however I could do designs/check code etc if needed
Do you mean Jukebox?
sounds like a great idea, just never heard anyone call it a Dukebox.
ya, my bad. dyslexia is a killer in these kinds of places!
An excellent feature would be a XBMC webserver plugin, so that through their mobile client on my WIFI network;

- guests at my party can scroll the current playlist on my XBMC htpc
- change the order of items on the playlist by voting
- as an option in the webserver plugin: add extra items to the playlist

The clients should not be able to stop a currently playing item, to delete items from the playlist.

I have been looking for such a feature for a long time, especially the mobile clients part is hard to find. Existing examples are Itunes DJ (although it has been removed from iTunes) and TuneTug.