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Full Version: Coding a new skin, have a quick question
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the home screen supports scrolling buttons for my programs, my pictures etc etc....is it possible to have scrolling menu's in the submenus, ie it scrolls let say for example in the applications submenu the view change button, the sort button, kai button and the custom buttons all scroll left to right...i hope this makes sense, here is a couple of screenshots of what im working on. you can see in the main menu it scrolls left to right and the newsfeed is right below it. now i want to be able to scroll the selections in screen shot 2 from left to right instead of having all the buttons taking up space where i would like the newsfeed to go and have it match screen 1, i hope this makes sense and if it is possible what would be the proper coding for it...thanks for your time :agree: :help:

also what xml do i edit to make the icon view and big icon view icons show up bigger??
just wanna say, this skin looks very cool! sorry, no wiz at skinning, and it's xmas, so dont be upset if it takes a few days for proper reply.
first... cool skin... cant wait to see it completed

i dont think you can scroll the internal controls (ie, "view as", "sort by" and "kai" buttons).

you can change the size of the thumbs and big thumbs in in any thumbnailpanel control. but if you want it globally then you need to make the changes to default values for the thumbnailpanel found in references.xml.

the tags in particular you want to look at are:
Quote: <itemwidth>115</itemwidth>