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Full Version: [LIVE] - Western Digital External USB drive seams to "go to sleep" in middle of film.
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Hi there

I got a WD 1TB drive and attached it directly to the USB port of my Zotac. Everything works perfectly... but every 40 mins the playback freezes. It is nto a crash as the xbmc menus work.... I just need to stop and restart the video...

I think it is the drive going to sleep....

Any ideas on this? Anyway to stop it?
Hi, having a similar problem as well. I have a usb hard drive (formatted with ext3) connected to my zotac and I am getting random freezes while playing specifically 1080P content, except in my case the system becomes unresponsive and I have to hard reset. It produces no crash log.

I contemplated whether it was something to do with the my usb drive as well. I am now testing whether the same content produces the crash via 100baseT.

2Gb RAM (Preformed a memtest and was ok)
32Gb SSD
HP USB MCE IR Receiver
External USB drive (formatted with ext3)

XBMCbuntu 10.04
Dharma beta 4 (happened with beta 3 as well)

How do you know that it's the hard drive going to sleep that's causing the problem?

In any case, I'd like to know if there's a way to do this as well.
joelones Wrote:http://www.ctrlv.ca/2010/04/181/

take a look

Hey, i'm actually the author of that article, and I just wanted to point out that I updated it this morning. I forgot one very important detail in it, and that was saving the information so that it worked across reboots.

Sorry if this has caused any headaches, I have updated the article accordingly.

I also face the buffering issue when i play 1080p files from USB. it stutters every 5 minute and then plays again. does anybody have any solution. i use the latest dharma 10.1 version and have updated all drivers to the latest one. i have a zotac hd-id11 which is connected directly to my TV's HDMI.