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Full Version: open submenu on click
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I use the custom menu with submenu, and I would like to know if it possible that when I click on the custom menu on the home screen it open the submenu (as it do when using right arrow).
I would like that to show person who use my xbmc that there is a submenu.

I hope I be clear, excuse my english.

A solution by editing the guisettings.xml is ok for me but I don't know the path to open submenu.
not sure if it'll work, but you can try anyway.

first you need to quit xbmc, you can't edit guisettings.xml if xbmc is running.

find these strings:

and change their value to:
Thanks you very much, it's work very well.
One last question, I would like to do the same with the menu TV which containt two submenu with two addon-vidéo as favorite. But for the TV menu there is no path in the guisettings, is there another way to do the job ?
you'll need to edit Includes_Home.xml and replace all occurences of
ActivateWindow(TV) with SetFocus(8000)
thanks you very much, it's works very well