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Full Version: Another suggestion for fanart view
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as I already mentioned in another post, I like Transparency mainly because it is centered on fanart. That's why I have set fanart-view as my default view for all modules (movies, TV shows, music, games).

I have a suggestion to highlight the fanart even more in fanart-view: when browsing through the list of movies, if you pause the cursor for more than a few seconds on a movie, the list on the right bottom corner could disappear (sliding away to the side) revealing more of the fanart underneath (see linked picture)


The list would reappear after pressing the up or down arrow key to continue browsing through the list:


I think this feature would enhance the fanart-view.

i kinda made the 'item' view for that.
Yes, but the item-view is only avaiable in the movies-module, afaik. Fanart-view is avaiable for all modules (movies, tv shows, music, games), and by selecting it as default view for all modules you get a consistent look throughout XBMC.

Hiding the list on fanart-view would also show more of the fanart than compared with the item-view.

I really like the layout of the fanart-view, and how it seamless flows to info-view when you press the I-key, maintaining the thumb in the same position on the left, and morphing the rest of the screen... Very elegant!

Of course, this is just a suggestion. I don't know how much work it's needed to implement it, or if it's even possible to be done.

Transparency really rocks and I admire your work!

I like the idea of that... but with just the list on the right faded out, the fan art looks kind of lopsided...