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Full Version: Help with a New Episodes Playlist
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Hi all, I'm trying to set up a smart playlist that will only show episodes of shows added in the last week that I haven't watched yet. I've tried setting up a smart playlist for all shows first aired in the last week with a watch count of 0, so I only see the episodes I haven't watched. But I dont think either of those work as I'm getting every result except the one I want lol. How would you do this to get the right result?

Thanks Smile
It doesn't work and is not a high enough priority to be fixed.


I figured it out actually, though it's new than a little cumbersome. Created a playlist for each show I download with a watched 0 times filter. Then I've got a New Episodes playlist that simply displays every show playlist, and that works okay.
Hello again,

So the way you've made your playlist will show any episode of the shows you download that has a watched status of zero, and not necessarily episodes that aired in the last however many days?

As long as I haven't watched It, it'll appear in that playlist. Works really well Smile I've also hacked the home screen so a link appears to the playlist and is also the default menu selection. It does everything I want now Smile
nobody EVER said it wasn't important enough, i said i had more important things on my list. those were now cleared, and now i have also taken care of this.

If you were to ask my wife, she would tell you that I am a "Grumpy old man". I would probably be more grumpy than you!
At any rate, I really appreciate the work that you have done with this.

So now we can make a playlist and get the "date aired" selection to work?
Is this in a current download?

Hey Rumik, how'd you do the hack on your homescreen? I've been trying to get this to work on my LIVE system but with no luck so far.
mwkurt, yes it now works. it's not in a current build but will at any rate be in dharma final.
Here's the relevant xml from my MediaStream Redux home.xml

<item id="11">
<label2>Recently Added</label2>
<onclick>ActivateWindow(10025,special://profile/playlists/video/New Episodes.xsp,return)</onclick>
<visible>Skin.HasSetting(HomeMenuNoTVShowsButton) + Library.HasContent(TVShows)</visible>

Hope that helps!
Spiff, is likely that a non "hack" method of what Rumik has just described for me above will be implemented? If not I'll get busy working out how to make the edits in xbmcLIVE!

Thanks by the way Rumik! Smile
Since setting this up I've moved my config over to XBMC Live, literally copying the playlists over to the new system. And while everything still works, what has been watched isn't updating unless I manually browse to the playlist from the Videos menu.

The only difference (aside from the obvious system change) between then and now is that I'm running Dharma RC1 instead of beta 4.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks Smile
So I know you said the fix was in for Dharma. Like the OP I want to create a playlist that 1) First aired in the last 14 days and 2) Watched 0 times.

Not only is it pulling things outside the window but it also doesnt sort by first aired descending, its all over the place.

Did the fix address both of these?

Mine doesnt work, but I think its because I am running an atv2 what looks is PRE 10.0.

Is this correct and can I assume once this merges with trunk all will be well? Thanks.
Any help on this?